ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software

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  • ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software


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  • Association for Computing Machinary, Inc.

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  • The purpose of the ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS) is to communicate important research results addressing the development, evaluation and use of mathematical software. In addition, TOMS publishes machine-readable computer software which is incorporated into the Collected Algorithms of the ACM; such software may be written in any programming language that is in widespread use, but the author must be able to make the case as to why the language chosen was the most appropriate given the goals of wide usability and applicability of research published in TOMS. In both research papers and software, TOMS seeks contributions of lasting value in which technical quality, relevance to significant computations, interest, and novelty are all high, and where presentation is effective. This scope of TOMS involves a number of dimensions, each of which overlap TOMS to some degree Methodology /// Design, development and implementation of algorithms /// Design of user and system interfaces /// Analysis, testing and evaluation of algorithms and computer programs /// Documentation, dissemination, and maintenance of computer programs Environment /// Machine arithmetic /// Parallel and vector processing /// Error handling /// Languages /// Software tools Paradigms /// Numeric computation /// Symbolic computation /// Computational science /// Problem solving environments /// Knowledge-based approaches /// Object-oriented computing Applications /// Mathematical function evaluation /// Linear algebra /// Nonlinear equations /// Interpolation and approximation; data handling /// Transforms /// Statistical analysis /// Quadrature /// Differential and integral equations /// Optimization /// Computational geometry /// Discrete and symbolic mathematical algorithms /// Pattern recognition /// Sorting, searching, and classifying

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